Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sweet Cravings

Paid a visit today to Cocoa Lattes, my neighbourhood coffee house and met with Denise Brandon of Sweet Cravings. Denise stocks her feature showcase at Cocoa Lattes (on Queensbury just off Keith Road) with her delicious homemade cupcakes...too good to be true! For breakfast had a delicious, strong, foamy latte with one of Denise's freshly bakes citrus and current scones, dripping with hot butter. An absolute must for any day of the week...

Highly recommend contacting Denise for your specialty cakes (wedding, birthday, retirement...) or cupcakes (great for birthday parties of all ages - saves bringing the forks, plates, knives).

Denise can be reached at 778-228-8106 or by email at denise@sweetcravings.ca. Great way to support our local business women! For more info visit www.sweetcravings.ca.

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