Sunday, August 18, 2013

Venue Transformation

One of the thrills of event planning for us is the ability to walk into a venue of any shape, size and condition, and turn it into a turn-key event space for our clients.  Here are a few of the recent transformations that we're excited about sharing:

1.   Hastings Racecourse Marquee Tent & Dining Area:  Halo Metrics 25th Anniversary Celebration "A Night at the Races"

2.  Hollyburn Country Club (Badminton Courts):  Athletics for Kids "Vegas Night, Baby!" Gala


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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Networking: Our 5 Best Tips!

Okay, so maybe not directly "event" related, but we simply have to speak to this as networking events are such a great opportunity to meet new business contacts, good people, or maybe even new friends (although not the main purpose...).  These are some of the most common errors we've seen, so felt we had to share some practiced tips.

1.  Don't be shy - you simply can't afford to be!
If you're new to networking, simply say so.  Look around the room, find someone who also looks lost, or someone who looks open to your introduction.  Approach them with a friendly smile and say, "Hi, I'm (your name).  You look very friendly so thought I would introduce myself as I'm new to networking and could use some help".  This is a great way to meet one new person, and to ease your discomfort with not knowing anyone there.  You can also ask them for their help in introducing you to new connections.

2.  Always wear a name tag with your full name and name of business on it.
You will find it much easier to introduce yourself and your business if people can reference information from your name tag.  When approaching someone, you can easily get a conversation started (and make it easier for others to start a conversation with you) when you can ask an opening question such as, "Hello (their name), nice to meet you.  I see you work for (company name).  Tell me about what you do."  This is a great conversation starter, and also helps you to remember names throughout the event.

3.  When meeting new business contacts, keep the conversation brief and to the point.
You are at a networking event to meet a minimum of 3-5 new people, so go do it!  Introduce yourselves to each other, establish what each of you can offer to potential clients, then simply say, "It was very nice meeting you today, but I must continue to network now."  If you enjoyed their company, made new connections afterwards, or found no one else interesting in the room to speak to, you can always return to them.

4.  Maintain eye contact.
This is a key point to networking.  When someone is speaking to you and making introductions, make and maintain eye contact.  Even if you are not interested in what they're saying, look and act interested, have a brief conversation, then excuse yourself to continue networking (refer to #3 above).

I recently attended a networking event where the entire time I was speaking to someone, they kept looking over my shoulder around the room.  Not only did I feel that we did not make a genuine business connection, I would certainly not seek out their services as a potential vendor.  If that person was disinterested in making a business connection at the event and giving me their undivided attention, I am certainly not interested in sending my clients to them for the same show of disinterest. 

5.  Always follow up.
It is a very good practice to follow up with the new business connections that you have made within a 24-hour period.  Look for them on LinkedIn, send a brief and friendly customized message asking them to connect to your business network.  A custom message allows you to speak to how you connected and why, and for them to remember who you are.  Keep in mind they may have met 23 new people, not just 3, and you'll have to distinguish who you are and why they should connect to you.

Written by Pamela Buck, Principal
Eventful Innovations