Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Networking - How To Set the Pace!

What does an Event Planner have to say about networking you may ask?  Lots!  When we plan corporate events, a very big part of every event is attention to detail, including the guests!

When I first started my business eight years ago, and began "networking" at events, my opening was something along the lines of, "I hate these things, don't you?"  I'd find a person with the same fears of being inexperienced at formally networking and spend a few hours in the corner with them until I left with a new best friend and no new business connections.

Fast forward to a few (okay, eight) years later, and I discovered that if I could take the lead, feel genuinely interested in meeting new people, and make others feel at ease, I left every event I was at or managing feeling pretty darn good about myself, my business and what I  had accomplished.  

Below is a pleasantly surprising email I just received from a guest who attended a May 2016 event I was helping organizing for the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce.  I was pleasantly surprised to read that I had so positively effected someone at an event that they felt the need to email me two months later to say thank you.  With that, I am very happy to share this email with you, and hope that it inspires YOU to take the lead at your next networking event.

"I met you at the GVBOT + North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce event at the Pinnacle Hotel.  Rather, YOU introduced yourself.  Writing to say thanks for taking the initiative and sharing the energy that you did that night. It set the pace for me for the rest of the evening - a productive, easy connecting, friendly and informative evening. 

Your introducing yourself and then connecting me and others in the room to each other was very appreciated. 

Hope you are well and will stay as 'cool' as you were when I met you as the heat that is predicted arrives! "


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